Genius Reserve began as an Executive Search partnership focussed uniquely on Africa.   

Pierre Fourie, Managing Director, set up Genius Reserve in response to the urgent need of large multinational businesses to find the best talent for expanding and emerging markets.


Our success rate resulted in Genius Reserve expanding beyond Africa into Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

With offices in the UK and South Africa and representative offices which include Spain, Senegal, Italy, Nigeria and Kenya. Genius Reserve has a highly experienced, international, multinational team who search and select the relevant top talent wherever in the world our multinational clients have a need. 


Headquartered in the UK, Genius Reserve continues to respond to client needs and provides three core services.

Firstly, Genius Reserve provides Executive Search to its multinational client companies to find top talent both locally and internationally.

Secondly, Genius Reserve builds Talent Maps for clients, proactively identifying top talent for future opportunities in the client organisation; an external succession pipeline, like a Who’s Who directory, of professionals in a particular market or function.  This can be focussed on leadership candidates or rare specialist skills.

Thirdly, through our Africa Diaspora portal, Genius Reserve has created the opportunity for our clients and top internationally based Africans to connect.