What differentiates Genius Reserve from other search agencies?

Genius Reserve offers bespoke, professional searches to ensure that your exact needs are met. We do not collect CVs on a database only to send these to our clients. Although we do have an established database of candidates, we realise that each assignment is different, thus each project will involve a new market search for each assignment, regardless of the fact that we have CVs on our database which match the job profile. We understand that markets and businesses change and industries are dynamic. All candidates are thoroughly assessed for suitability before any details are submitted to a client company.

Can you send me your fee structure for Executive Search assignments and for Talent Maps?

Please call us on +44(0) 1784 439 930 or contact us and we will be pleased to discuss this with you.

What can we expect in terms of time frame once we sign up for a search?

Turnaround periods are typically between 3 – 4 weeks for a thorough search assignment. Contact us today for further information or to discuss your company's requirements.

Will my point of contact in Genius Reserve always be the same person?

From the commencement of your assignment a dedicated consultant will be assigned to the specific projects as your point of contact.

Can you send me an example of your work so that I can ‘sell’ Genius Reserve internally?

Please call us on +44(0) 1784 439 930 or contact us and we will be pleased to discuss this with you.

How did you find me? Where did you get my details?

Genius Reserve has international in-house research teams who conduct in-depth research identifying new potential talent in the market. They may have identified you as a person who has relevant skills and experience for an assignment we are currently working on.

How confidential are my details?

Genius Reserve complies with all data protection laws and all information is treated as strictly confidential. Your CV will not be sent to any company without full discussion and agreement with you.

What happens if I am successful?

The consultant working on the project will stay in touch with you through to on-boarding with your new employer.

What happens if I am not successful?

The consultant working on the project will contact you directly to give you an update/status on the project and to provide you with detailed client feedback.

What is the difference between Executive Search (head-hunting) and Recruitment agency?

Executive Search companies and Recruitment agencies both have the same purpose – to provide their clients with the right person for a specific job - but they differ in the way that it is achieved.  

Executive Search (also known as head-hunting) is a bespoke, tailored service which involves individually identifying all the potential candidates, discreetly approaching them to assess their interest, requesting candidates CV’s and interviewing them to assess their suitability, selecting and presenting a ‘best-fit’ shortlist for their client.  Executive Search is a consultative process where the Executive Search company partners with the client organisation and plans the search according to detailed understanding of the internal and business needs of their client including developing a good understanding of the company culture and values which is crucial for successful placements and the market context of the search.  Candidates identified by Executive Search companies are generally not ‘job seekers’ but are successfully working for other organisations.  Most senior executives decide to change company in this way, rather than responding to job advertisement etc.

At Genius Reserve, we have deep and established networks across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Eastern Europe that enables us to conduct focused searches in a short period of time. We add value with our wealth of expertise and experience during the search and short-listing processes supported by  with our in-house international and experienced research teams and  different language skills.

Recruitment differs in that the candidates who are screened by the Recruitment agency are normally active ‘job seekers’ who have made contact with the agency themselves, either placing their CVs spontaneously with the agency or in response to an advertisement.  The Recruitment agency selects the best-fit for the position from the candidates’ CVs available from their database, from candidates found on job websites, and from advertisements.  The Recruitment agency is normally paid if they are successful in filling the position. At Genius Reserve we maintain details of top candidates, that we engaged with during Executive searches. The pool of talent by industry and function enables us to complete assignments in short timelines.

What is a talent map?

Often Executive Search firms are required to identify a successor/s for a position which is not currently vacant, either because there is an incumbent in the position, or because the company is planning a restructure or grow their staff complement.  Such searches require confidentiality and discretion.